GitHub repository rating badge service

Show a rating for your repository on the README displaying the maintenance status of the project.



Having trouble deciding whether to use an open source project? Frustrated at having to check whether the project has had any commits recently, is it still maintained? Should you use it?

If the repository were to use a `Haz Commitz` badge then just a simple glance at the badge will give an indication whether the project is actively maintained based on the rating.


How do we rate repositories?

In the current proof of concept BETA version we currently use the following factors:

  • A rating from the last commit date to master
  • The number of commits to master in the past six months
  • The number of stars the repository has received


Rate a repository
Project owner

Display a badge with the Haz Commitz rating on your README.
Rate your repository

Project user

Check out the Haz Commitz of the repository you are thinking of using here.
Rate the repository